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What`s going on - 23. May 2008

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It`s the middle of May and I am travelling in Europe from one tournament city to the next.
Normally it`s my time. The Clay Court Season is everywhere; it`s the time of the German Bundesliga (first division Club Games) and Roland Garros is very close.
It`s a very nice time, but it is as well a very hard and stressfull time.
You are playing a tournament and if you loose, you travel as quick as possible to the Club and you play for your team. Very often you travel the same or latest the next day to the next tournament. That means, if you play Club Games, you have no time to relax.
In this time I have no break, because I try to play a lot on my favourite surface, to make points and to earn my money.

This year it`s not working in the way, how I am thinking.
In the middle of the last year I was already very tired and empty. In the last 2 years I had to spend a lot of energy.
By side to my hard practice and the taff tournament schedule in that time, I had always to discuss about wrong assertions around the Fed Cup. This kind of things needed a lot of energy, because I had to fight not only on the court, I had to fight as well by side the court for my right and my respect.
At any time there was not enough energy inside my body for the matches. But I worked always very hard, because you cannot make a break so easy in this kind of business. Special, if you are working in such a small team with two persons.
I have learnt a lot in this time. I have learnt, that fights by side the court often need more energy, than in your matches. Very often you are helpless, when you see, what some people are able to do, to show up well. But we all have spoken and written enough about this things. Hopefully all this things are finished and I am happy, that I still can go honest through the world.

In this time I have realised, that I have a lot of friends, who like me and support me in all the things I am doing in my way. I know, they are staying behind me. That is very important for me, to know. Many signs and messages on my website are helping me until today and are making me happy every time.

Right now I am practicing very hard and I am feeling principle well. I am only missing the special something to win my matches in this time.
I will not complain, but the Tour was getting harder in the last years. Looking to the game, you need a big serve and next a straight shot. Looking to my height, it is not so simple, to play always in this way. In this time, as well it is not possible to catch all balls in running, because the women are playing quicker and quicker. The players are hitting directly a winner for the next point. My Coach and me, we are working on it and we are sure, we are on the right way.

That was a small look in my world over the last months.
Even, if it is not working so well for me, how I am thinking; I am proud for all, what I have reached with my small Team.
I was many months Top 50 (best ranking WTA 33) in Singles and as well in Doubles I am a long time still Top 50 in the world; in this time no German is better.

By the way, I was nominated again in the German National Team to play Fed Cup in April. After my first Fed Cup nomination in 2001 and some more in the next years, this was another step in the right direction.
In 2001 Markus Schur was the Team Chef and in the team were Martina Müller, Bianka Lamade, Barbara Rittner und Scarlett Werner. Sometimes I am thinking in my first nomination and my first big win in Fed Cup against Conchita Martinez. That was a big win in the Spanish Capital City Madrid in 2001.

So, I am still here and as well the next time. I will work further very hard and hopefully in the future I have to fight only on the court.
I will look further to my goals and I will reach them.

Let`s go !!!