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Travel Stress - 30. March 2008

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Travel stress is nothing special for tennis players, but the organisation to travel back home from Miami was very taff.

The main problem was, that the tournament in Miami and the German Eastern holidays were in the same time. Many Germans used the strong Euro to make holidays in the US/Miami.

When I lost on Saturday (March 29th) in doubles there was no chance to get a flight confirmation to Frankfurt earlier then April the 6th. The days before all flights were fully booked.

So the only chance was to go as a stand-by passenger to the airport the next day. I had to check out early from the hotel, go to the airport and hoping that some seats get free and I can get on the plane. The first information I got at the Check-in was not really good… my position on the waiting list was 28! So I went to the Gate, waited 1 hour and finally they called my name…

It´s unbelievable, but I got the flight!! First my waiting list position was 28 and then I got onto the plane to Frankfurt as second last. Such a good feeling, I was so happy.
My management in the background did a really good job and then I had a bit of luck at the airport and suddenly…
I`m back home in Germany on Monday, March 31st.