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Odyssee of a Tournament Trip - 3. April 2008

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This is a summary of a 3 weeks tournament trip with a blocked rip and a lot of pain.
In this 3 weeks Martina got treated from a few doctors and physiotherapists. She did 2 MRI`s and 1CT. And nobody could really help.

Here the whole story.

After Martina arrived good in Indian Wells, she got big pain in her left shoulder and breast already at the first day. As well she had pain and problems to breath.
The first step was to go to the trainers/physio-therapists of the WTA. After joint mobilisation the pain was a little less.
So Martina could practice only very limited the first days, which normally are always very hard and important preparation days for the tournament.
But because pain often is normal for a professional sportsman/woman, she didn`t give up and was fighting hard.

March 12th: Martina played her match against Kaja Kanepi and lost. Respect for that.
After that the first step was directly again to the trainers and to the doctor. The doctor cracked the neck and the trainers loosed up the muscles.

The next day, no change at all. But still she gave her best in doubles. Maybe it was a mistake to try and go on court and loose. But on the Tour doubles partner have to trust and fight for each other. And in this way Martina learned it and handled.

The Odyssee goes on! Even with one day rest the pain gets worse and worse, so that Martina couldn`t fall asleep anymore in the night, even with pain tablets. After this she decided to see the doctor again and to do a MRI and a CT in the hospital. Diagnose of the doctor: Nothing to see, but it can`t get worse!

The next day Martina went on court again to play some tennis, but already the warming-up was a horror… every step hurts… after 20 minutes she stopped the try to practise.
The tournament doctor send her again to hospital to do another clearer MRI… again no diagnose. After this the doctor adviced to her to have rest for one week. No tennis, no jogging, no fitness.

There is nothing worse for a sportsman/woman: you go for 2 tournaments to the USA, you have pain, you can`t practise and nobody can tell you, why you have the pain.

March 20th: Departure to Miami and from Sunday onwards really easy practise. With trainers and massage therapists it got better day by day. It looked like the body gets used to the situation. But Martina didn`t feel good!
For a player like Martina, who is living from her body, it`s really important to have a great “body feeling”.

Wednesday, March 26th: First match against Marina Erakovic. Martina was fighting for 2 hours and 52 minutes and lost in 3 sets.

Two days of treatment and easy practise… the body got used to the situation and Martina felt a little bit better.

Saturday was doubles against the Bondarenko sisters. Unfortunately no chance. The end of the tournament in Miami and the USA trip.

The trip back: Personal by Martina – “Travel Stress”

Monday, March 31st: Arrival at home.
On Tuesday Martina had an appointment with her physiotherapist in the OSP Hannover. Heiner Otten, the man for really serious problems.

After just 2 minutes Heiner diagnoses that Martinas left upper/first rip is blocked. After he braught it back to the original position, the main problem of the last 3 weeks is gone!

After something like this, you look at each other and think: “I can`t believe this, that cannot be, why nobody saw it before?!?!?”

Of course there were more things to do, to help the muscles and rip accept that this is the right position now. But finally the biggest problem from the last 3 weeks was found and treated.

That were 3 weeks tournament trip in the USA.

There is only ones: Focus to the future !!!!!