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Again a practice and tournament break- March 2009

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Martina will take another practice and tournament break in the next weeks. She suffers from acute cervical spine problems again.

After the practice and tournament break last fall Martina started very confident and motivated in the new season. But already during the first tournaments in Australia Martina was not able to go full practice sessions and was very limited during her matches because of recurrent pain in her neck.
Before Martina left to the trip to South America, she used the time at home for physical and osteopathic therapy to get her body ready for action again.
Unfortunately her good physical condition didn’t last long and the pain was already back again after the first days in Columbia.
Martina finished her trip with the tournament in Acapulco.

Since her return Martina is in medical therapy to diagnose the reason for her permanent pains.
As well Martina is in physical therapy. Tennis sessions are not possible at this time.
Next to the medical examinations it is the priority to give Martina’s body the time it needs, until it is completely ready for action again.